Issue with page background

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    Asked on December 07, 2016 at 05:20 AM


    Can you help me on this form :

    There is the viewing problem and we don't know and we can't fix that.....

    What's happening ?

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    Answered on December 07, 2016 at 06:13 AM

    Please see this (temporary) clone


    I addressed the issues I found, and made the form look decent on all the responsive versions (for both desktop and mobile). Now as you can see the form is centered in all the versions, and so is the logo and so on.


    As to the background, please note that the picture (bkg_v9.jpg) was not properly uploaded. One solution is to remove it and upload it again, and it will show up correctly.


    To replicate my changes please follow these steps:


    1. Click on the design icon.

    2. In the "Page Background" section click on "Remove Image".

    3. Now, in the same section, a button appears: "CHOOSE A FILE". Please click on it.

    4. A new section appears as you see in the screenshot. Please click "UPLOAD FILE" and select the background picture you prefer.

    5. The background picture will be uploaded, and we will have something similar to step 2, before we removed the previous background.

    6. Now please go up and click on "INJECT CSS" as highlighted in the screenshot.

    7. Inside "Inject Custom CSS" section please remove:


    .form-all {

        margin : -60px 750px 0px 750px;



    .form-line.jf-required {




    I highlighted this in the screenshot

    8. Now please add this:


    .form-image {

        width: 100%;



    Now things will look similar to this screenshot:

    9. Finally, please click on "SAVE CHANGES" and you may preview your form.

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    Answered on December 07, 2016 at 07:29 AM


    I have checked your form and found out that the image you tried to upload as page background is somehow broken. Please see it:

    As you can see it has failed to be uploaded properly. This might have been caused by an interruption at your Internet connection or a momentary failure at our servers. Please see the image that is corrupted during the uploading process:

    Some part of it seems to be rendered successfully however, the rest is corrupted and goes on grey like this. What you should do is to remove the image as Amine suggested above. And then, re-upload it again. 

    Please try it and let us know if the issue still persists. 

    Thank you for contacting us.