Problem with the way the data form and thank you form display.

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    charlie powers
    Asked on December 10, 2016 at 01:51 PM

    1)   Iphone-The personal data entry platform jumps around so as you are entering the name the screen will jump down to the message window and you have to scroll up to see what you are typing

    2)       Iphone-The thankyou message has mostly white space and the links or nothing else is visible so you can’t download the brochure from your phone

    3)       Firefox-The data entry screen only shows the brochure heading and no entry tabs (it works on safari).  Not sure if this is a firefox thing, I tried it on a chrome IBM platform and worked ok.

    4)       Thank you form-Excessive white space below the information.

    5)       Fotform says that I have already burned through 1192 form views out of 10,000 and all we have done is test.
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    Answered on December 10, 2016 at 09:56 PM

    Apologies for the inconveniences. 

    Unfortunately, I do not have a real iPhone to test your form, but testing on an emulator I cannot replicate your problem, when I fill out the form I can see it works fine and the form is not jumping, it may be an issue with an specific version of iOS or iPhone where the form is being filled out. Could you please provide us the details about the device you're using on your end?

    The form will be tested on the same device and iOS version where you replicated the problem, if  possible I will also ask to someone on our support team to test your form in a real mobile device. I have also tested the form using Chrome and Safari in the iPhone emulator, which web browser are you using on your end? 

    I have tested your form and I can see what you're referring on the points 2 and 3, in Firefox seems like the iFrame is being set to 0 and this is why the form is not showing, on iPhone seems like there is an issue in the current code that is displaying the form on the very top of the iFrame code and this is why the thank you message with the links are not showing. 

    I have tested with a fresh copy of the iFrame code and I cannot replicate the same problem so for now I would suggest you to re-embed your form, please copy and paste the iFrame code as given in the publish wizard, this way you will avoid inconveniences with the form functionality, I can see you currently have set up manually a different height to the form than the height set up by default, please try embedding the code without making any change. 

    If after re-embedding the form using the iFrame code it does not work, please do let us know, there will be some code to be added to set a height to the form and fix the problem with the thank you page on mobile, do let us know how it goes. 

    Regarding to your concern about the form views, I have moved it to another thread, it can be found here: 

    We will assist you on that thread as soon as possible.