Field Properties>>Advanced>>Unique Name: not updated on Thank You page and E-mail Notification.

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    Asked on December 11, 2016 at 10:14 AM

    I found a bug, if for clarity reasons, you change the uniquename on field propreties like here I changed "mail" to "customermail"

    after this i went to the thankyou page and the field is not updated

    see below


    and same thing for email settings

    Someone in the dev team has forgotten to update the fields here

    So what can I do for this to work? before you correct this?

    for information, right fields are used if I use


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    Answered on December 11, 2016 at 10:27 AM

    Please note that changing the unique name, does not change the field's label. What is shown in the drop down is the label of the field:

    On regards of the unique name, I just tried changing the unique name, and it is properly updated in the notifications:

    Please try clearing your forms cache:

    Let us know if you need more help.

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    Answered on December 11, 2016 at 11:54 AM

    yes it works for me also, i did a mistake beetween fieldname and field content

    I take this one for me !!!

    but a warning, when you change  a field name after seting-up your thankyoupage, the thankyou page is not updated, you need to redesign it

    It would be greate if it was updated.


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    Answered on December 11, 2016 at 12:09 PM

    It is updated in the Thank You page also:

    What is the form you are working on? I would like to clone it in my account and see if it works.

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    Answered on December 13, 2016 at 03:32 AM

    on my case it doesnt work on thankyou page

    I created an "input4" field and changed the "unique name" to "input4-old"

    I go to thankyou page , if i click on field dropdown menu, input outputs well {input4-old} string, I put this string on my thankyou page.

    I save the form,

    I go back to edit my field and changed the "unique name" to "input4-new"

    I save the form,

    I got to thankyou page

    If I put again input4, I have well the "input4new" string 

    but the input I put on the page before the change didn't changed and is still {input4-old}

    SO what I understand is that:

    If I change a unique name, I need to manualy update all the inputs I made before the change.

    can you confirm?

    you can play with that fake form





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    Answered on December 13, 2016 at 04:17 AM

    Hello Philippe,

    Yes, that is correct, if you change unique name of the field you need to manually change that field name in the Thank you page, that will not happen automatically. 

    I tested on a clone of your form just to confirm and that is the case.

    If you have any additional questions please let us know.

    Thank you!

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    Answered on December 13, 2016 at 04:20 AM

    no plans to corect this or at least a wrning when editing the values?

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    Answered on December 13, 2016 at 05:05 AM

    Unfortunately, it is the only way to do it. You need to manually change the field name and there is no warning when you change a field name after setting up your thank you page. You just need to make sure that it is the correct field name so that you won't encounter some errors.

    If you have other concerns, do let us know.