Matrix Dynamique - The data is not saved automatically unless click to 'Click Row' button

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    Asked on December 15, 2016 at 06:20 AM

    I use the Matrix Dynamique app in my form, and whilst it is great, i have one suggestion. When you enter information into the fields/textboxes, it is not automatically saved. You have to click the 'Add Row' button to add a second row, and this saves the information in the first row. However sometimes people only want to send in one row of information and they don't click the button. This results in the form being sent with the fields all blank. It would be great if the information auto-saved when a field is written in. (the same applies for users who use multiple rows, but don't click 'Add Row' before submitting. The final rows gets sent empty)

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    Answered on December 15, 2016 at 07:54 AM

    Thank you for your feedback.

    As I checked the widget; you are right that if the user do not click save, it assumes that there is no data entered.

    I'm escalating a feature request for this widget but I can not promise you that it will be implemented for sure or when this feature will be released if possible to implement. 

    On the other hand, you may consider to use configurable list widget. The user does not need to save it when they enter some data. Here is my results comparing matrix widget.

    1. I cloned your form and added configurable list widget.

    2. I filled two widgets and did not click any other button to save data for two widgets. 

    3. As expected, matrix field seemed empty but the data for the configurable list widget was seen on the submisison. 


    I added related user guide here for your information.

    Hope, this would help you for the moment. 

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    Answered on December 15, 2016 at 09:15 AM

    Thanks for your help. I have tried using this widget and it seems much better for what i need. However can you help me set custom widths for each column. I know to add Custom CSS, something like this:

    textarea {
    width: 35px;

    But I'm not sure how to assign a different width to each column. (plus the above CSS didn't do anything so i'm assuming i need more)