I don't receive any emails in any requests

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    Asked on May 22, 2012 at 09:28 AM

    Good morning JotForm Team,


    Last week I contacted you to verify if there was any problem in my account because I integrated the Jotform with DHL's Opening Tickets System, in other words, when the person fills the form, after the submission in the end of the form, it creates an automatic ticket in our system. I put an example of the form, which the link is http://form.jotform.com/form/3532715233, where there are five types of services (network login, email, RCCP/RDV, VPN CISCO and COMMUNICATOR). The notifications and tickets are generated when you select SIM option (SIM is the similiar to Yes in English):


    first screen 

    We have the conditions bellow:


    Notification 1: It is sent an email to servicedesk.br@dhl.com, informing everything that was filled on the form.


    Conditional: When any service is selected with SIM option, it is opened the ticket through the email sent to dsc.globalremedy@dhl.com account.


    Note: It was created one notification for each kind of service on the form. 


    second screen

    Follow below the configuration about Notification 1 to show the information:


    From: noreply@jotform.com

    To: servicedesk.br@dhl.com (This email receives the information that were typed on the form)


    third screen


    Follow below the configuration about Opening Ticket Notification:


    From: noreply@jotform.com

    To: dsc.globalremedy@exel.com (This emails generates the script of the page 4 to open the ticket)


    fourth screen

    This is the script that generates the ticket, if we put this script in our Outbox email with the information filled on the form and send it, it is generated normally the ticket.


    Schema: HPD:EXEL:EmailAccess

    Server: remedy.exel-intra.net

    TCP: 35000

    Login: mail.admin

    Password: mailAdmin3

    Action: Submit

    Format: Short


    Description!536870914!: [$$Criacao de REDE - {nomeCompleto}


    Nome completo: {nomeCompleto}

    Filial: {filial}

    Departamento: {departamento}

    Matricula ou CPF caso seja funcionario terceiro: {matriculaOu}

    Ramal: {ramal}

    Cargo: {cargo14}

    Data de admissao: {dataDe}

    Centro de custo (15 digitos): {centroDe}

    Horario de expediente: {horarioDe71}


    Acessos aos Servicos de TI:


    Rede: {rede}

    Login modelo: {loginModelo}

    Dominio: {dominio}

    Necessita de usuario para o Citrix? {necessitaDe}

    Login modelo: {loginModelo57}


    Aprovacao: {aprovacao}$$]


    Region!536870921!: AMER:Brazil

    Login!536870923!: {emailDo10}

    Email!536870948!: {emailDo10}

    Phone!536870925!: {ramal}


    Workflow Trigger!536870940!: AMER-01


    Category!536870915!: Service Request

    Type!536870916!: Wintel Server

    Item!536870917!: Manage User Login

    Summary!536870913!: [$$Criacao de REDE - {nomeCompleto}$$]

    Request Impact!536870949!: Severe fault

    Assigned To Group!536870928!: AMER:BR:Service Request 3rd

    Exel Service!536870919!: Hosting

    Case Type!536870952!: Request

    You suggested us to change the Sender email to noreply@jotform.com for the email coming to our mailbox, but it is the same way yet, there are email are coming and other are not coming. Could you help us with this question, because it is causing a big stress here. 


    Could you verify the communication between noreply@jotform.com email and  servicedesk.br@dhl.com / dsc.globalremedy@exel.com emails?


    If doesn’t exist problem, what can we verify for DHL part?


    Our login account is infosd from Professional Plan.


    This problem began happening after 04/15/2012, being that we have the JotForm service since the end of 2010.


    Kind Regards,


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    Answered on May 22, 2012 at 09:47 AM

    Hi Eduardo

    We apologize for the inconveniences caused by this issue. Can you try to add noreply@jotform.com in your contact list. Also, try to request your mail provider or ISP to whitelist jotmail's IPs shown on the link below;


    Lets know if this sorts out the problem!