Conditions not evaluating as expected

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    Asked on December 13, 2010 at 10:44 PM



    I have been having some trouble using conditions on my forms. It is an awesome feature that you provide and I have used it in for simpler things before and it worked well. But right now what I want is something like this:


    I have some events (as checkboxes) and I am allowing the user to check select his preferences.


    However some of these events have clashing time slots and thus certain combinations are not allowed



    I ideally wanted to show them a message "Selected events are clashing" but then I realized that these text elements like Free Text (HTML) and Headings cannot be controlled via conditions. So then I decided I will just hide the "Submit" field in such cases. So I added all the clashes to hide the Submit button. But now it is only working for one of these combinations from around the 8 I have specified. The conditions are identical (I compared them several times) except for the checkbox values that I am checking for.

    For now I have reverted back to my old form (without checking for clashes) as registrations are to be made available on the website. But is there any way I can work around this by any other method or ideally why is it not working as expected by my approach above.

    p.s. I believe Radio buttons are more opt when we want the user to select only one out of many options, but in my case, I think, they are not feasible as would be seen in the Schedules page (link above).


    Hope I have not made this too long :p

    Thanks and anxiously awaiting a reply


    Shailesh Appukuttan