Conditional question bug when viewing survey in Explorer

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    Asked on December 14, 2010 at 04:18 AM



    we think Jotform is great and will start using it for customer satisfaction surveys, but I found a bug when displaying my survey in explorer. I have a question that is conditional and should only appear if the respondent chooses a certain reply in the question above. The question remains invisible as it should be, but the bullets that the respondents are to use to give their reply for the conditional question are visible even before the question appears - which looks odd and confusing. A bit hard to explain, but I have a screenshot I can send if you tell me which email to use. The biggest problem with this is that if the respondent clicks one of the bullets, they submit a reply without even knowing what they are replying to and so the results will make no sense. Hope you can fix this asap so we can start using our survey!

    Many thanks in advance :)