Appointment Slots

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    Asked on December 30, 2016 at 01:01 AM

    I want to have a way to have my clients book appointments by date, but currently any selected slots are reduced as the appointment is made but if you select a different day the appointments slot still stays reduced. For Example .

    if i have 2 sots open at 10am on Monday and and both are taken if i chooses Tuesday the two slots are still taken  

    is there a way to reset appointments by date so new slots are made available by date

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    Answered on December 30, 2016 at 04:22 AM

    I have inspected your form and Appointment are set only for time. Considering that same field will be shown if your users select two different dates available slots will be reduced no matter which day is selected. 

    As possible workaround you can add multiple Appointment Slots widgets to your form, one for each day and then show only widget for that day with conditional logic. 

    You can use conditional logic statement if DateTime field is equal to day. 

    Here is my demo form: 

    Hope this will help. Let us know if you need further assistance.