Can data from your forms be uploaded to Access Database?

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    Asked on January 05, 2017 at 04:05 PM

    We run a non profit international technical and cultural exchange program.

    People applying to our program need to complete a fairly comprehensive application form. This they currently do as a pdf and send to us.

    We use MS Access Database.

    Once we have the application, we enter the application data from pdf into Access manually.

    Could the data collected on an application form we developed using JotForm uploaded into an Access Database?

    Thank you in advance for responding.




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    Answered on January 05, 2017 at 05:54 PM

    Hi there,

    It is possible to post your form data submissions to external database. I have not tried posting data from JotForm to Access database yet but since Acess and MSSQL has some similarities, here is a thread enumerating the steps and options to post form data to MSSQL in real-time:

    If, on the other hand, you want to export your form data from JotForm and import to your own database, you may use our tool here: The output of using the tool is an SQL file which can be used to import data to SQL Server. Access has a part where you can also run SQL commands so it can be useful.

    Other options you can try:

    Send Submission Data via POST Method Using PHP and the Thank You Settings - in this guide, the target database is MySQL (not Access) and it will require you some knowledge in PHP programming.

    - You can also export your form submission data to excel and paste/import them to Access.

    Let us know if you need further assistance.