How to conditionally send people to different lists in MailChimp

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    Asked on January 13, 2017 at 07:49 AM



    I am wondering if it is possible to set mail chimp integration with two lists assigned depending on the field value.


    The thing is that the form which I've created is a quote form to which I would like to set the follow-up emails depending on the service selected. For example, I have three different services (A, B, C), if the user would make a selection for service B, then that would trigger follow-up email rule (one of the lists in MailChimp).


    Also, if users would check the field for the newsletter, I would like to pass this information to MailChimp and assign they email with another list.


    My workaround for this is to embed a signup form on the thank you page, but just wondering if it is possible to pass the email address field value from the form into the field of the embedded form on thank you page.




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    Answered on January 13, 2017 at 08:34 AM

    We cannot conditionally choose the list that the MailChimp integration will send emails to. The list must be selected in advance, when the integration is being set up, and the MailChimp list will be the same for all users who submit your integrated JotForm form.

    When it comes to your question regarding passing the email from your form to another form with your Thank You page, yes, that is certainly possible. The following guide describes how to pass values from one form, through its Thank You page settings to another form:

    Essentially, you can use the same variables as inside the email notifications and autoresponders, and set them up in your Thank You page to prepopulate the form you redirect your users to.

    Please take a look at the above linked guide, and let us know should you need any further assistance or clarifications. Thank you.