Can two users fill out an instance of the same form at the same time?

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    Asked on January 13, 2017 at 10:16 AM

    Hi there, we are using this tool and what we have built to do security site assessments for clients.

    Can we have more than one user inputting data into the same form at the same time.

    Basically the scenario would be my colleague and I walking around a facility separately and imputing the data.

    Let us know and feel free to shoot me a call at (404) 406-8574


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    Answered on January 13, 2017 at 11:29 AM

    I'm afraid not, two people cannot input the data in the same instance (submission) of the same form, at the same time.

    Two people can fill out and submit the same form at the same time, but each person would have their own instance (we call this a submission). So the responses that one person enters and submits would go into one submission, and responses entered by the other person would go into another submission.

    Similarly, there are ways that different people can work on the same submission, by using the Edit Submission link and editing each other's submissions:

    However, you could not work on it at the same time. It would need to be filled out and submitted by one person, then another person uses the Edit Submission link to access that submissions and expand upon it.

    Whatever the case, if you need two people to work on the same form submission at the same time from two devices, I'm afraid this is not possible.

    We do love forms extensively here at JotForm, and we are working hard on expanding the concept of forms far and beyond, but some things and workflows cannot truly be achieved with forms. Not yet anyway.

    Based on your need for real-time collaboration while entering data for the same "instance"/submission, may I suggest trying to use a Google Spreadsheet for your needs? It provides nice collaboration feature, where each person can see the data real-time as the other person enters it. Such a feature does not currently exist for our forms. I hope this helps.