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    Asked on December 18, 2010 at 11:08 PM

    I am trying to hide a heading on the next page with a radio button but it is not working. I have setup a simple example for you to look at.

    I have had some other forms that I have had setup for a while with this same condition setup and they are now not working too. I have not changed any of my conditions and as you can see from my example I can duplicate it on a new form.

    On my example form when you select yes you should see the heading on the next page and when you select no you should not see it. But as you can see it is not hiden when selecting no.


    Also one other thing that does not seem to work is when using  a radio button and returning to that page using "?session=$username" to save your session. It does not save your selection although all other fields that I have tried do seem to work fine and are saved when returning to that session.

    Here is the test form that I setup for you to look at


    Thanks for such a cool form site and staying in touch with your users!