Need help with not losing form again while it's trying to save?

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    Asked on January 25, 2017 at 12:04 AM

    I like  your product so far and I'm deciding whether to use your product, but the one thing that will keep from committing is the fact that twice I've completed long questionnaires and when I go to save it stays stuck in save mode and I lost a form once already and right now still waiting for the save cycle and I'm hoping someone can tell me what to do so I don't have to start all over again, because that will probably put the nail in the coffin for me, nplease help

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    Answered on January 25, 2017 at 01:22 AM

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

    Unfortunately, I'm unable to replicate the problem. I presume the "Save" button gets stuck when your session expired or you have been logged out to your account unknowingly. You can check if you are still logged in by opening a new tab and navigating to If you are still logged in, then you could refresh the page on your form builder. The recent changes should be saved automatically and it is unlikely to lose a whole form. If you are opening multiple tabs with the form editor opened, then that may cause issues. 

    You can check your form revision history to see if you can also revert to an earlier version of the form where it is still complete: 

    If you are still having problems, you could try using a different browser and see if the problem persists even there. If that doesn't help, please do provide us more details of the issue, what specific browser you are using? Is the issue happening when you are doing a specific action or when opening a specific option? You can also update your browser to make sure that there's no issue on it. Clearing your browser cache would also be advisable just to make sure. 

    Let us know if that helps.