Mutiple calculations need to update and display result

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    Asked on January 25, 2017 at 08:44 AM

    Hi,  I am having difficulties with formulas in a form.  My calculations are pretty sophisticated and have dummy variables that are used to make calculations.  When a value changes, it is supposed to update one field.  Then based on this update to field A, another value is calculated using the newly calculated field A and output to B, then based on field B's new value, field C needs to be calculated.  Can these calculations be done when only the first field changes? Can your form perform multi step calculations an output based on 1 field change?


    To see what i mean,  go to my form

    Use these values:

    Age = 34

    Highest Education = 2+ diplomas

    1st language ability =CLB9 or above for all 4- reading, writing, listening, speaking.

    Work experience OUTSIDE Canada = 3 or more years.

    The score that is calculated at the bottom of sheet in Express Entry CRS Points should be 447 which is correct.  It calculates properly on 1st try.  But if any of the language skill fields are changes, the calculations are delayed for some fields.


    The main fields I am concerned about are 

    Foreign Work Experience, Education & Skills, TransferEducation, TransferFWWork, Transferabilitycalc which are show above the sheet


    The rules that I have should change the values of the 5 fields above when any one of the language fields are changed to a skill level below CLB9.  One set of rules sets these 5 fields to zero for language skill levels below CLB7 level- which works.   and for CLB7 or CLB 8 level, the 5 values should have values calculated.


    For example, after getting 447 score at first try, change 1st language Reading to CLB 7.  These are the values that SHOULD appear


    Foreign Work Experience = 25

    Education & Language Skills = 25


    TransferEducation = 25

    TransferFWwork = 25


    Transferabilitycalc = 50


    but some of the values displayed are stale for the previous CLB9/CLB10 level.


    Foreign Work Experience and Education &  language skills calculate properly = 25 for these fields.

    But Transfer Education is stale (value of 50) and it should be 25..because it's value is determined by adding Education  & Language skills + another field which is zero.

    The stale field updates if  you click into Education & language skills, which is in its calculation formula


    the same is true for TransferWork, stale with value of 50, updates when you click into Foreign work experience.


    and a third field (Transferabilitycalc) which adds these 2 stale fields also updates when you click into Foreign work experience and Education & language Skills


    I realize this is alot to take in at once.  This has been driving me crazy.   If i can get this working properly it would make my life SO much easier.



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    Answered on January 25, 2017 at 10:07 AM

    I reviewed your form and performed a test that you advised, and the values are showing as you said:

    So I filled the form as you said and then I changed the value as you advised.

    So, I'm not sure if I understood the problem completely?

    We'll wait for your response.

    Thank you!