Uploads and submission pdf are not attached to emails

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    Asked on February 08, 2017 at 01:36 AM

    We are using jot forms to receive text details and image files from our clients. But they are facing issues while submitting the form. Also it happened many times. 

    Other issue is most of the times we are unable to receive the pdf form and images as attachments in our mail id. When client fill up and submit the form it is available in jot form website in form submissions but not in our mail.

    Another issue is in the form if it is written as text1, text and so on... But when we receive the form in our mail id it showed something different. Like after text 1 text 3 appears instead of text2.

    The link of the jot form is available on backend of website not in front end. So if I share the url of webpage that has the link of the form, you are not able to check this.

    Recently I've added two new forms named VTGV008 AND VTGV009. For both of these forms submissions are not coming in our mail id. It is showing only in jot form.



    Also find these two images attached below. In the first image text 2:- A walk turned into a journey is the original and right text but when we receive the submission in our mail text 2 is showing you light my world like nobody else. and same in text 3 and so on. Why we are seeing two different texts for the same form.

    Kindly solve these issues asap.




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    Answered on February 08, 2017 at 03:30 AM


    I checked your email logs and I see that you are receiving successfully all the links to your uploaded files.

    Please make sure that you enabled sending submissions as PDF file in your emails setting:

    The labels are coming in wrong because you have set it up like that. Here is the email content you have right now. Please change it accordingly from email settings:

    We have a policy to answer one questions at a time in a single forum entry. Please ask your different questions in different forum entries.

    If the email issue persists please send us which form you are having trouble with. As I checked your email logs, all emails are being sent successfully. Only some auto responders are rejected. Notification email alerts are working properly. Unfortunately I can't check the pdf issue from my side. Please send us the form that doesn't send emails without pdf, and screenshots of the emails you receive from that form.

    Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.