How can I use information collected by Jotforms for live event registration

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    Minette Joyce 
    Asked on February 08, 2017 at 09:11 AM

    I'm looking for a solution to provide live event registration form using the information on my Jotform spreadsheets. Is there an app or software that you either provide or would recommend?  We are a children's music charity and the kind of scenario we would need to use it for is around 500 children registering for an event.  We need to check them in, issue them with a numbered wristband and then be able to access their information through that, eg food allergy or parents contact number, and then sign them out quickly at the end of the event, back to their parents.  We have previously used Boomset for larger events but it is very expensive and we are looking for a smaller, more economical solution but with similar functionality. Many thanks.

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    Answered on February 08, 2017 at 10:49 AM

    Thank you for contacting us. 

    In fact, I understood your question in different ways. I'm trying to give you an idea for all cases came up to my mind here but would be pleased if you can provide us more details on your workaround.  

    Case 1 : You have number of submissions belongs to one of your form created in the past. You will create a new form and want to provide this form to the users to whom you have their information. 

    - If you have their e-mail addresses and want to send your new form to them to fill it in, you can benefit from our send form via e-mail feature. Here is detailed user guide about this.

    Case 2 : You have number of submissions belongs to one of your form created in the past and you would like to create another form but also would like to use datas which you have already. For instance, lets says Person A filled your Form 1 in the past and you have person A details. Now, you will create Form 2 and when person A is selected on Form 2, all other information on Form 1 belong to Person A should be shown automatically.

    - If this is the case, there is no direct way to achieve this but could be done via conditional logic. On the other hand, number of conditions will be most and might affect your condition. Since, you need to set condition for each person from the old form submission. It means that you need to have at least 500 conditions. 

    Here is another user guide you might have a look at it.

    For the common part which is about signing, you can download your submissions as PDF and sign them after that. Or, you can add e-signature field and sign via edit submission feature. 

    I think we could assist you in a better way if you provide us much more detailed about use cases and your workaround.