Multiple Page Form: Is there a way to skip pages?

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    Asked on December 25, 2010 at 06:05 AM


    I am building a multi-page form with the page break feature to split a very long form up, but was wondering if there was a way to provide a skip stage in the process?

    For example: The registration form is for one OR more applicants (1st page - Main Applicant, 2nd Page - Second Applicant, Third Page - All Applicants), but if the client only needs to register themselves (main applicant) and no one else (Second applicant) I would like to be able to provide a skip button (or check box even) to move them to the final page (All Applicants)?

    Also the issue i guess is that if the second page contains any required fields the form won't skip either.

    I know its not what JotForm is really designed for, but was wondering if you may be able to help or have any ideas.

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    Answered on December 27, 2010 at 05:54 AM

    Yes, this is perfectly possible using "Conditions" feature on JotForm. I created a test form for you to describe how it is implemented. You can try it here:


    First add a dropdown question asking the user if they will fill onl one page or more pages.

    On the"Setup & Share" toolbar, click on "Condition" button. Then select " Skip to a page or end of the form" option.


    Then create a condition that skips to the last page if the user wants to skip the pages.


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    Answered on December 27, 2010 at 02:27 PM

    Pure Genius :-) Thanks JotForm!