LINKS PARSING IN MAIL CLIENTS (Mozilla Thunderbird and Cloud Sharepoint)

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    Asked on June 13, 2012 at 03:47 AM

    Apologies, as you are most definitely a victem of your awesome support. I generaly try something for a while then throw it out to the Jotform crew as there may very well be an answer to the minor but ever so slightly annoying issue that I may be experiencing. And usually there is!

    I apologise in advance.

    Anyway, we are using Jotform to create forms in that are emailed to a mail client when submitted. The mail client is a system called Central Desktop ( which is not really a mail client but an online sharepoint like tool in which in a perfect world would take our Jotform email notifications and render them as expected to remove the step of manually retreiving then sending them)

    And it does.....apart from one small.....but major (for the process) issue. And I know this is likely to be a client side issue but wondering if the below information gives you any indication of a potential fix / workaround.

    If a link is pasted into a Jotform Text Area as text the following behaviour is observed:

    If sent directly to Central Dekstop all is great but the link is text, not a link (ie you can't click on it)

    If sent to Outlook first then forwarded (manually) the links render corrently in both CD and Outlook.

    If sent to Outlook with a rule to forward directly to CD the links do not render.

    If sent to Gmail, the links render in gmail then render in CD if forwarded.

    If sent to Mozilla Thunderbird, links do not render but are plain text (via GMAIL email address)

    Where it renders correctly the following HTML is observed

    <a href=""></a><br>

    Where is renders as text the following HTML is observed IE: It has stripped out the HTML tags. This is probably not a Jotform question but I thought In would see if there was an easy workaround. This link seems relevant BTW.

    Thanks.....and apologies!







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    Answered on June 13, 2012 at 08:10 AM

    The links parsing in mail clients are a result from the mail clients' system. Gmail for example automatically parses links with a use of regular expression. 

    This means that if anything in the content when received by Gmail would look like a link (having properties of http://, and a period without space right after), it considers it as a link and formats it to be clickable.  If you have this forwarded after being received by Gmail, it will then forward the content as how it was formatted by Gmail.  If you then forward it using another email service of email client software, it will forward it as how it was received by the said service or software.