Jotform / Dropbox and PDF Submission

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    Asked on June 21, 2012 at 07:21 AM



    WheneverI hit roadblocks I look for workarounds so excusse the plethora of questions. Unfortunately your tool is so flexible and support so good improbabilities become maybes.......


    I am using IFRAMES to present submissions via DROPFORM. A submission has its original URL which I use for the IFRAME link to an external tool.

    The submission gets updated over time. A detail on that submission may change but a new record is not submitted.


    I would like Jotform to submit to Dropbix the ipdated record (not a new submission, instead an edited record) and overwrite the incumbant one.


    This means that the URL for file XYZ would be the same......the IFRAME would present the updated information and no other information qould need to be changed to render update.

    Is this possible? Currently I copy via Windows into Dropbox the PDF with the same name  as previously, copy over existing file. WHich is a workaround (which works).


    Or do I have to create a new record / submission to overwrite the file ib the Dropbox folder? IE an update to an existing submission is unable to overwirtre.....only new records?


    Hope this makes sense.







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    Answered on June 21, 2012 at 08:16 AM


    I made a test of this and thoroughly understand that as of this Dropbox integration version, the EDITED version of the form submission will not be reflected/uploaded/transferred to the integrated Dropbox account anymore. 

    The only submission reflected into the Dropbox is always the 1st original submission only and it will create a unique id# folder in Dropbox.

    I added a form edit Link in the notification to test it. I was able to edit as normal, but no matter how many times I edit, the original data in Dropbox will not update anymore.

    Even if you create a New submission, it will create a new id# folder in dropbox and it will not overwrite the pdf you wanted to update.

    What you were doing Manually (copy & paste the edited/modified pdf file in Windows to Dropbox) ; seems to be the only means to achieve your 'automated' or direct means of updating the pdf submission in Dropbox.

    To conclude, I will say that the feature is not yet possible on this version of Dropbox integration.

    Using dropbox for windows desktop can also lessen a bit the manual process... You can use the windows sync feature of Dropbox, that is in your windows folder, there will be a map field of the dropbox folders as well. So in essence you just copy/paste the file in your desktop folder, and it will update the file as well in Dropbox once it synched.

    Hope this help in any way. 

    Please inform us if you have further inquiry.