JotForm Mobile App: unable to edit submissions.

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    Asked on March 15, 2017 at 05:27 PM

    I love using Jot Form more every day.  I now have a question about the app...can we update/change form submission information from within the app?  I see a paper/pencil icon in the upper right hand corner, but it doesn't seem to do anything...

    Here's a little detail on what I want to do: I have built a Maintenance Work Order and set it up so that form sends updates to whoever fills out the form any time the form is updated.  I have a hidden field called "completed date/time", and I'd like for folks to know when their work order has been finished.  Rather than e-mailing them manually (what we're doing now), I'd like for my maintenance team to have the app on their phone and simply update that hidden field when done.

    The screenshot is from my iPhone (1) is what I think is the "edit" button, (2) is where I want my team to be able to make an edit.

    Thanks for an awesome tool, and thanks for your help!


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    Answered on March 15, 2017 at 09:52 PM

    It looks like that option has not been enabled yet. I have forwarded this to our back-end team. You will be notified via this thread about any updates on that matter.

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    Answered on March 16, 2017 at 01:01 PM

    Our Developer and I have tested this on our end but, when the submission is edited the changed information in the submission is reflected a few seconds later in the app as it should.

    Perhaps, the empty field that you circled in #2 may have been left as empty?

    Are you using the latest version of our iOS App? If not then, I would recommend that you please visit the app store to check and make sure that it is updated to the latest version on your end.

    If for some reason you are still having an issue then please tell us what iPhone and iOS version do you have?

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    Answered on March 16, 2017 at 01:17 PM

    So, I might not have communicated properly...I want to change form data using the this possible?  I see that I can open the form online, make form submission changes and then the app will update; I'm good with that...I want my maintenance staff to be able to update submitted form data on the go using the app (which would also send an update to the user that initially filled the form).  Hope that's more clear.

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    Answered on March 16, 2017 at 03:42 PM

    As explained by my colleague  KadeJM, you can indeed edit your submissions on the iPhone app, now if you also need to receive a notification as well as notify your submitter when a submission has been edited then you will need set the emails to do that. 

    For both, email auto-responder and notification, you need to go to the settings tab and emails section, once there place the mouse over the email to get the options, click on the edit button: 

    Once on the email wizard, go to the advanced tab and turn on the send on edit option: 

    This way the emails will be sent when a submission is edited instead of manually sending the notifications and auto-responders. 

    Hope this helps. 

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    Answered on March 16, 2017 at 04:33 PM

    Alright, I downloaded your app yesterday and my iOS is up-to-date (10.2.1), I have an iPhone 6+, and this doesn't seem to work at all like you say.  The steps outlined by Kevin_G above are how to configure the system to send updates/notifications on form edits-I'm good with that; I've had that set up for a long time.  The problem I'm having is figuring out how to edit a submission from within the app on my iPhone.  You say that's working, please walk me through it step by step.  I can't edit a form submission within the app on my iPhone.

    Here are the steps I'm doing:

    Open the app

    open a recent form submission (Maintenance Work Order)

    touch the upper right button (1 from my original screenshot) and nothing happens

    I try touching any field on the form, there doesn't appear to be any way to edit the data

    Obviously, knowing that notifications go to recipients when the form is edited is exactly what I want, but the problem continues to be editing the form.  It's probably user error, and I love the tool that you have built, it continues to be an amazing resource.  This last piece will be icing on the cake.  Many thanks!!

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    Answered on March 17, 2017 at 10:25 AM

    Thank you for letting us know about the steps you've described for your workflow which is indeed the correct action.

    As soon as you tap the "edit submission" button which is the page with the pencil over it as you circled in your screenshot on the top far right it should then open up that particular submission in your mobile browser to modify then resubmit.

    During my tests, I was checking this on a standard account with a new form, old form, and a test copy of your form to try to investigate this mentioned problem of yours. I have tried this again now but, it is still the same result. All of my testings have occurred on iPhone 6 and an iPad Mini.

    Also, I additionally checked your account and form settings but, all looks well at the moment.

    This leads me to believe that something is certainly wrong somewhere if it's still not working for you and we'll continue to do our best to help investigate it until we get to the bottom of the cause.

    What browser do you normally use on your iPhone?

    Have you changed the default browser from safari to something else?

    If not then something I would suggest is try visiting safari by opening the mobile browser then go to and log into your account.

    Now, try going back into the app and attempt to edit a submission to see what happens. 

    The app is supposed to automatically log you into your account on the browser using the information you entered when logging into the app but, I am wondering if maybe it isn't for you or perhaps your browser is ignoring it if you aren't using Mobile Safari.

    Let us know so that we can check into this furthermore if necessary.


    GIF of a Test Edit Submission (Working for Me):

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    Answered on March 17, 2017 at 11:04 AM

    Kade, you are exactly right.  I use google chrome on my iPhone and I have have safari disabled.  That is definitely the problem, and I appreciate your hard work in identifying the problem.  I'm sorry to have been such a pain.


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    Answered on March 17, 2017 at 01:37 PM

    I did another test and found that I was able to replicate the issue finally, thanks for confirming.

    There is no need to apologize, you have not been a pain and have pointed out something that we didn't find yet so we greatly appreciate the update and reporting it.

    It's possible to copy the link and paste into google chrome similarly but, if safari set to limit jotform when using it in any way then this seems to break the usage upon editing form submissions.

    However, it's understandable that you might want to prevent safari from being used much such as your situation with preferring mobile chrome.

    Currently, at the moment we don't have a permanent solution for this yet but, we will look into this more to see if we can figure out something to correct it in the we would suggest 

    As a workaround, we would suggest whitelisting jotform to allow it to use mobile safari since at the moment this is required for the app to function with that particular feature.