I linked Brainetree to Jotform but can't accept payment.

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    Asked on March 20, 2017 at 05:01 PM

    I followed the instructions on Jotfrom to connect Braintree account to my Jotform page. However, customers are getting the following error message "Unexpected  http response #400" when trying to make a payment. How do I get this issue resolved?

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    Answered on March 20, 2017 at 09:05 PM

    I've been testing the integration on a form I already had integrated with Braintree and I cannot replicate the same issue, payments are going through without any problem. 

    However, when I cloned your form I was able to replicate the same issue you're experiencing, I deleted the product and changed the payment settings, but I still can see the same issue. 

    I was able to resolve it only by deleting the payment integration and re-integrating it, I would suggest you to try the following: 

    1. Remove the payment integration from your form. 

    2. Make sure changes are saved and close your form. 

    3. Clear your forms cache by following this guide

    4. Open your form in the Form Builder and add the integration to your form again, this way settings should be reset back to default. 

    5. In case that you're still experiencing the issue, you could try resetting your API info, this link will help you with that. 

    Here's also the link to my cloned form of yours where you can see the payment integration works, you will notice I have removed all the other fields, since you had widgets added I was testing if they were causing the issue, but they were not.

    My integration is set to sandbox mode so you could test it by entering this payment info: 

    - Credit Card Number: 4242424242424242

    - CVC : 123

    - Valid Expiration Date

      *Later than the current date

    Hope this helps.