Is it possible to open a link in a new tab?

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    Asked on April 12, 2017 at 12:43 PM


    I have inserted a link to a pricing template (google sheets) in my form. I want the link to  behave in the following way

    When user A clicks on it he/she will fill out the relevant details and the sheet will be saved on the drive. When user B fills out the form and clicks on it I want the blank template to open for user B. 

    What is happening right now is user B is getting the template filled out by user A. 

    1) Is there a way where everytime the user clicks on the link they are directed the blank google sheets template and not the one that the previous user filled out? 

    2) Can I have the link open in a new window? 

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    Answered on April 12, 2017 at 03:44 PM

    1. I think this will not be possible to achieve, as you describe your workflow the form would need to know when a spreadsheet has been filled out and then would need to pull a new link from a new spreadsheet, there would not be a way to know where the new spreadsheet is located nor create the spreadsheet by clicking on the link and leave the previous spreadsheet saved. 

    I would suggest you to take a look to our multiple entries widgets instead, you could find one that may help you to achieve what you want, a widget will save the info and each time the form is loaded a new empty widget will be loaded. 

    Here's the link: 

    This guide will help you to add the widget to your form: 

    You could then integrate your form with Google Spreadsheet and save all your submissions: 

    2. I've checked your form and the link seems to open already in a new tab, but you could also edit the current text field and add the "target" property to the link's code so it opens in a new tab. 

    Hope this helps.