Pricing Inquiry for managing a community pool membership

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    Roger Troughton
    Asked on April 17, 2017 at 03:48 PM

    I'm looking in to using jotform to manage membership applications to a community swimming pool next year.

    We would only need 1 form (max 4 variations, but conditional logic could keep it to a single form).

    We only have 450 members, so under 500 submissions.

    No payments involved.

    So far it would look like the Starter account would be adequate, except that about 400 of the applications are compressed into the first 3 months, so more than 100/month. After April there are no applications until the following January.

    Could you confirm that we could just pay for a Bronze account (at the non-profit rate if we are considered eligible)  for Jan-Mar then downgrade to Starter until the following January and repeat this each year?

    (Or I guess we could set up a second Starter account if I can come up with an easy way to load balance between the two accounts!)

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    Answered on April 17, 2017 at 04:22 PM

    Hello Roger, we appreciate your interest in joining us here at jotform to use for managing your community pool memberships.

    If you're staying under the 500 submissions then you can easily limit your submissions to 450 if you wanted to do something like that which might help. If for some reason you wish to stay at the starter plan you could always just export your data to keep a backup copy of your submission data if you wish so that you can stay under the limits. 

    You are more then welcome to apply for a non-profit discount but you would need to provide us with viable documentation that your organization is not for profit to be approved for it.

    Additionally, yes you may upgrade when you need it and downgrade when you don't at any time.