I want to create a form exactly like the attached

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    Asked on April 19, 2017 at 09:46 AM

    Can you assist me in creating a form that I will send out for churches and give them a certain reservation number and they can go to my form and sign up for an event that I am having? Please go to: 


    www.c3workshop.com and enter reservation#: 1704290103066 and last Name: Mitchell, and you can see what I am referring to. The reservation numbers do not have to be necessarily real persay, but just a number that woud allow them to get to the next page to register for the event. Does this make sense?


    Please let me know how this can be done in the easiest possible way to get the results I would like and I appreciate you in advance!

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    Answered on April 19, 2017 at 11:13 AM

    The attached sample is connected to a database of existing reservation numbers with partial information of the students. It's a kind of a lookup form. Unfortunately, this is not possible in our form builder. A workaround would be to create the reservation form without the need to do a query on a database. 

    Basically, start creating the form from this page: http://www.c3workshop.com/register. Here's our guide for creating a multi page forms: https://www.jotform.com/help/119-How-to-Create-Multi-Page-Forms

    Let us know if you need further assistance.