Will jotform work with my WordPress site; can I create the fields I need; and do I need the $9.95 version?

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    Asked on January 08, 2011 at 12:47 AM

    I just mistakenly submitted extensive (wordy) questions on the paying customer forum.  I'm certainly willing to pay for one month of use to have my questions answered.  I hate to reask them, but they are:  Will this form builder work with my WordPress Site at www.MelodyBeattie.net (my host is IXWebhosting.com).  I don't understand all the "stuff" about self-hosted, etc.  I'm trying to learn as fast as I can, and building my own sites with the help of a friend instead of getting ripped of, and ending p with a site that looks exactly like everyone else's.  I purchased exclusive rights to a WordPress theme for the grief site.  Now I want to add a small store.  Only two products will be sold directly through the store -- one requires an order form -- the "Touch of You" Grief Quilts (made from the jeans of a lost loved one).  I already went through a huge learning curve on building forms on ZoHo only to find that Zoho forms can't be inserted on WordPress because you need to insert them via an IFrame -- and that cannot be done on my site.  Does the same hold true for your forms?  Also, how much freedom will I have to create fields?  Creating your own quilt requires extensive forms, both for the pre-ordering inquiry (free) process and the worksheets and invoices for after a person makes an order.  Two forms will be extremely long and detailed.  I'm more than wiling to pay $9.95 a month if the forms will work, and work well.  My friend (who's helping me) is stuck on a train from Georgia to L.A. I'm a bestselling author and screenplay writer who's way, way past deadline and needs to get back to her work.  I can't wait until my friend gets here to finish creating these forms.  So after this extremely wordy introduction my questions are:  can I embed JotForms on my WordPress site (my host is IXWebHosting.com) -- but as I said, I don't understand all that -- my site is just "there" in the ethers but I do pay for hosting and bought exclusive rights to my theme; 2) how much freedom do I have to create my own  jotform?  These will be unique, distinctive and several (at least two) will be several pages long.  3) I'm guessing I need the $9.95 program.  Do you agree?  If I could get my questions answered in the next 14 hours, I'll happily pay $9.95 for accurate answers (to jotform). I don't want to waste the next four days creating forms, only to have to redo them on yet another form-building site.  I also need one (like yours) that I can trust with any data -- and I want the actual forms on my site; I don't want guests redirected and I don't want their information/answers floating around for the world to see.  Thanks for any help and instructions about what my next step should be. Melody Beattie

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    Answered on January 08, 2011 at 04:10 AM

    Can you ask separate questions on their own threads?

    Yes, JotForm will work fine on Wordpress site.