How to get notified only when there is an incomplete payment?

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    Asked on April 22, 2017 at 08:47 PM

    I know there are notifications we can set up, but I don't want to get notifications every time someone registers for an event. If they've registered and paid, I really don't need the notification.

    HOWEVER - if they register and then don't there some way to either:

    1. Get an email so I am aware of the issue and follow up with them? Sometimes, for example, they'd rather pay by check or in person or something.

    2. Have the fact that there is an incomplete registration show up in the main list of our forms, rather than needing to take the extra step and click through to "View Submissions"?


    Thanks - I really don't want to lose someone in the process, nor do I want people thinking they're registered and set to go when they're not. 

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    Answered on April 22, 2017 at 11:15 PM

    You could indeed set up email notifications to be sent when there is an incomplete payment, here's a guide that will help you doing that: 

    However, notifications will also send when payments are successfully completed, so far there does not seem to be a way to send notifications only when the payment has not been completed. 

    If your email provider allows it, you could set up filters and decide when you're notified from an email, for example, the incomplete payment notification includes in its subject "Pending Payment". For example, for Gmail you could follow this guide: 

    We could also forward this to our second level as feature request, though it may take some time, we would notify you as soon as we get any update about it, if you would like to open the feature request, please let us know.