Not being notified when a form is submitted

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    Asked on May 07, 2017 at 04:20 PM

    My email keeps getting put on the "bounceback" list even though I have removed it more than 5 times. Submissions are also not showing up in "my forms" or in my email for up to 2-3 days after being submitted.

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    Answered on May 07, 2017 at 04:55 PM

    We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this is causing you. To my understanding, you already know how to check and remove if the email address you set as the recipient of the email notification in your form is on the bounce list, correct?

    If that is the case, what I can only advise you do is to follow the instructions given in this guide: How-to-setup-email-alerts-to-prevent-email-bouncing-related-issues

    And with regards to the issue you are having with submissions not being posted immediately after a successful submission, may we know which form in your account are you having this issue, please?

    Also, from what I understand, the form is embedded on the website you have provided, correct? Can you help us also locate the form on the website, please?

    May we ask permission to make an actual submission on your form?

    We will wait for your response.

    Thank you.

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    Answered on May 07, 2017 at 05:43 PM
    The form that is not posting submissions is the same form that keeps bouncing back on email. It is the "Summer Camps/Program" form. On the website, it is under "Registration"/"Summer Camps".
    Yes, you have permission to submit a form.
    Thank you,
    Tami Molen
    Business Manager
    Intensity Dance Team LLC
    (435) 503-1303
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    Answered on May 07, 2017 at 06:38 PM

    Your form email configuration looks good. Unfortunately, we cannot check the bounce reason message when the email address is not listed in our bounce list. If you notice the issue again, you can contact us before removing your email address from the bounce list to get a bounce reason message which may shed some light on the issue.

    You may also consider switching email recipient address. For example @gmail addresses work very well with JotForm.

    We can also suggest using a custom SMTP sender on forms. The bounces will be handled by your email server in this case.