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    Asked on May 12, 2017 at 11:29 AM


    Hi, I'm trying to create a form with a PayPal field and I want to make sure I've created it correctly and also test it properly. I've ran into a bit of a wall so if you can help with my queries below that would be great.


    ·      I added the standard PayPal field. My company has a business PayPal account so is this the right one to choose?


    ·      When adding the payment field, the first input field asks for 'PayPal account'. Is this the email address associated with our PayPal account or is it the merchant account ID?


    ·      I used the PayPal email address, and entered the relevant additional gateway info and a product (there is only one) however all I seem to get is a radio button with the product info and cost. there's no 'Pay now with PayPal' checkout button or anything else in the payment field. Is this correct?


    ·      That being said, the form had a submit button and, when this is clicked in preview mode, it does seems to take me to the PayPal login screen. does this act as a 'checkout' button even though it isn't in the payment field?


    ·      I essentially changed the 'submit' button to look like a PayPal checkout button (and added an image showing the cards we accept) but I'm not convinced this is the correct way to do it.


    ·      I attempted to test the payment integration in Sandbox mode but that got even more confusing. I followed the instructions for creating Sandbox accounts in our PayPal account. When I went in there was already a personal and business account created, not sure if that's normal? The personal one has a tab for API credentials but not the business one?


    ·      Anyway, I copied the credentials and went to put them into the PayPal field in Jotform but I can't see anywhere to insert them. According to the instructions I was following, the screengrab showed these fields within the PayPal Pro integration field (not the normal PayPal). Does this option only show up in Pro.


    Any thoughts or input would be appreciated as I'm at a bit of a loss.


    Thanks, Sharon

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    Answered on May 12, 2017 at 12:14 PM

    Hello Sharon, we greatly appreciate your interest in using a PayPal integrated form with us.

    It seems to me that you are having some trouble with using the PayPal Integration so we would be more than happy to help answer your questions.

    For most of this you will find your answers in the guides below with getting started and setting it up and if you still having any confusion afterwards just let us know so we can clarify more if needed. 


    Also, here you can read about the differences between paypal and paypal pro: 


    This guide here will show you how to test it: