How do I make an official complaint?

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    Asked on May 15, 2017 at 06:55 AM

    I have 7 issues all at once. Those being:


    1. Submissions are loading EXTREMELY slow or not at all.

    2. The e-signature widget doesn't appear to be compatible with encrypted forms, as it has not been working for a week now, it was fine on my free account, I have had issues since becoming a silver member. Service is worse since paying for it?? No fix from the backend team.

    3. The encryption keys, intermittently work, and I am randomly asked to upload key sometimes when accessing forms but not other times.

    4. My email address I was originally using to log in is now on your bounce list (probably because of all the issues I'm telling you about)

    5. The support system is abysmal, please explain as to why you do not have telephone support, this would be a lot more convenient for customers rather than waiting hours on end for unhelpful forum replies which delay any sort of resolution of issues.

    6. Submissions by email sometimes show short versions of the encrypted data, long versions are useless enough because it is encrypted, but short versions of that data cannot be decrypted by a decryption tool because there isn't enough text!!

    7. Where is your complaints procedure??? I can't find it anywhere.


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    Answered on May 15, 2017 at 07:47 AM


    Let me answer your questions one by one:

    1) I see that our developers are working on this, please wait for their response:

    2) The signature issue has been resolved. Please follow this thread if you are still having problems:

    3) You should not be asked the key if the key is in your browser's cache. If you are not holding your cache permanently or using other browsers, the key is asked, otherwise, it should not. Please give us more details about the issue if you still encounter it.

    4) I checked your email address and it is not on the bounce list now. Please have a look at these guides to prevent bouncing issues:

    To prevent bouncing issues please have a look at this guide:

    Please make sure that you are not on the bounce list. Here is how you can check:

    Also, consider using SMTP settings to send emails:

    Please if you can, contact your email provider administrator to whitelist JotForm. Please give this information:

    At last please check your spam folder. If JotForm emails are there, please mark them as not spam.

    5) We are planning to add phone support to our support team but it is not ready yet. We will notify our users when we have phone support. As I see you are getting help on the support forum for all of your issue. Please give us some time to resolve your issues.

    6) I couldn't understand this issue. What do you mean by short versions? There is no such feature as the short version of email alerts. Please give us more details about this issue. There may be a bug that is occurring on your email alerts. Please open a different thread for this issue and let us investigate it further. Please provide as much detail as possible.

    7) There is no special complaints procedure in JotForm. You can open a new thread and want it to be forwarded to our managers.


    I hope this answer helps. Please let me give another information about a feature that is coming for JotForm users. We are going to apply HIPPA standards to our back-end procedure, in which you won't need to use encrypted forms. We will send notification about this feature when it is ready. I think, in the following months we will launch it, however, I can't give you an exact time of arrival.

    I hope I could give answers to your issues. Please contact us again if you need further help, and for your further issues.

    Thank you very much.


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    Answered on May 15, 2017 at 09:25 AM

    6) This is what I mean by short and long... some of them show as


    then others show as

    "data:image:base.64.pngejwcbjksdnjkncjkdsvbjksbvhsdbhdsvbsdvbjbs\jdsbvjs\bjshfsjbvjsdbvjsv;s;ksjcb\c gcgsdchvdhvchdscdhsbv\sbvdjsv\bdkvndskvsnv\ndklsvkln\nklsdfnjvbdnj\dnvcdn\v\ndvnkzdlnvdsncvdvdsvnjdvjdbnvjjdzkcndkln/cv/kdnvndkcvnkdvjnzdjbxzjcbzhdcbjlszbcjkzbhvbdjvbjbjxfbvjbjadbgau\bajdkakcjhbjh\ahkbfheba\dfkal\cfbjhhbhbjdbcjdbcjdbvhbjdbvjsdbvjd bj jjcsjdcbsjdcjldvbjdvbjdvnjdbvjsvbhdbvhdskbjdbdjvjbfxvldbvjcsncvjkdbvjkldbvjsbvjkdbvjdbvjbdjvbjzdvjdbvjhdbvjdbjvdvdvbdjvdjvzdvdjzxkvdvzkjbjkvdbvjsdzvbjzsdsvbjh


    etc etc, much much longer strings of code

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    Answered on May 15, 2017 at 09:54 AM


    I checked the encryption process on a clone of your form, I can't see any issue on my side. The short and long versions of the data that you receive might be related to the encryption process. Some data encrypted as short and some as long text. Can you open the data in your browser regardless of the length of the encrypted data?

    Please note that you can only view the submission data from the link in your notification email, and from the submissions page. It means that you can't download the data to your computer. I see that the data is decrypted on the submissons page.

    Dou you still have issues about seeing your data on submissions page? If you can't see the signature field data, please write to this thread: