How do I get the Orders from my page come directly to our eMail address rarher than to JotForm for JotForm then emailun the order?

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    Asked on May 22, 2017 at 05:17 PM

    I tested by sending a TEST order to make sure the Form did work. Was  surprised whem nothing showed up in our email. Only to be more surprised when I get an email from you in my regular email.

    In either case, how to I change so that the Orders rplaced go to the rather than my personal mail??


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    Answered on May 22, 2017 at 08:34 PM

    You have 2 notifications and autoresponders in your form.

    The 2 notifications has the following recipient email.

    You can delete the other notifications and autoresponder and leave only one of it.

    Anyway, to update the recipient email, follow this guide:

    Please take note that clicking the "Test Email" button in the notification wizard will only send a test notification to your account email address, not the email address you entered as the recipient. So if you want to test your form, make an actual submission in it.