Restoring Deleted submissions

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    Asked on May 24, 2017 at 09:46 PM

    I have integration with my Google Drive so all submissions to my forms always get saved to the drive as well.

    Today I received a few submissions, and deleted them from jotforms (to save space)

    Then went to my Drive and they weren't in my integrated folder??

    I looked and for some reason the integration was not connected anymore and I hadn't been getting submissions for few months.

    SO I went back to jotforms knowing I could just look in the trash and restore them.
    But my trash is empty.


    I did not permanently delete from trash at all.

    Where did they go??


    I only need May 24th 2017 restored for the form I attached a link to 

    called "Image Upload for Ready to Frame"



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    Answered on May 25, 2017 at 12:14 AM

    Then went to my Drive and they weren't in my integrated folder??

    Deleting the form submission data and form itself will not be able to delete/remove the existing data in your Google Drive account folder.

    Please double check your Google drive, if the previous submission data of the form were already copied to your google drive, they should still be there.

    Every time you use Google Drive integration it will use a unique integration ID connection(URL). It will always create a new folder in your drive account.

    So no matter how many times you add/remove the integration, the drive folder will always be in your google account. The only time the drive folder will be lost if you manually delete/remove them in your drive account.

    Guide: How-to-Integrate-a-Form-with-Google-Drive

    Unfortunately deleted form submission data is irreversible as we do not keep any other copy of submission data on our side. We will not be able to restore the submission data even if you have restored the deleted form itself.

    I hope this help. Let us know how we can be of further assistance.