Uploading private key doesn't help

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    Asked on May 26, 2017 at 05:18 AM



    This ticket is associated with jotform https://eu.jotform.com/ruslanchik/order-outbound-transport-by-cash. Browser cache and cookies were purged, different browsers (i.e., Safari and Chrome) were used to reproduce the problem.


    The form is encrypted, private key has been generated by Jotform and then downloaded and saved with *.key extension. I'm completely certain that the key I've downloaded is for this particular form.


    To view the submissions, Jotfotm asks me to upload the private key. After successful upload encrypted data (i.e., form fills) do not transform to decrypted values.

    How may I fix it? Is there any simple solutions to get my encrypted solutions successfully viewed in a browser?

    Thank you very much for assistance,

    Ruslan Seletskiy

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    Answered on May 26, 2017 at 05:55 AM


    I tested the Encryption feature and it is working as expected on my end. Below is a simple test case:

    1. First, I enabled the Encryption feature. I then created a new key for this.

    2. I opened the encrypted form and completed it. 


    3. I opened another window in Firefox and made sure that it's in private browsing mode. In my submissions page, I was asked for the key, I uploaded the key and closed the pop-up message. 


    4. The submission was then decrypted. 


    Please note that the key is NOT form-specific, it is rather submission-specific. This means that the key can only be used for submissions that were encrypted after it was created.


    1. You enable encryption feature on Form 1 and created key 1. 

    2. You made a submission #1.

    3. key 1 can decrypt submission #1.

    4. You made another submission, which is submission #2.

    5. key 1 can still decrypt submission #2.

    6. For some reason, you disable encryption on Form 1, then enable it again and created key 2. 

    7. Key 2 can NOT decrypt submission #1 and submission #2, only key 1 can decrypt those.

    8. Now all new submissions from the time you created key 2 will be the ones that can be decrypted by key 2 itself. 


    In your case, please try the following:

    1. Try opening a new browser in incognito mode (Chrome) or private browsing mode (Safari). This will make sure that no key is stored in the browser local storage.

    2. View the encrypted submission.

    3. It will ask the key, use the key that you believe is the right key associated with that encrypted submission.

    4. It should decrypt the said submission.

    If the submission was not decypted, then the only reason is that the key is not the correct one for that encrypted submission. You might have overwritten the original key with a new one if you are creating multiple keys for different forms. 

    Please also do review this guide about this feature: https://www.jotform.com/help/344-Encrypted-Forms-and-How-to-Use-Them


    I hope that helps.