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    Asked on May 30, 2017 at 10:36 PM

    Link to my form:


    I created a jotform that would capture new "lead" info. That form would be submitted to my CRM (RealtyJuggler) which will scan the data for key fields and auto populate my CRM.


    I am unable to figure out how to map the defined fields in JotForm to those in RealtyJuggler.

    The field names for RealtJuggler;

    First Name: First Name Last Name: Last Name Name: If first and last name are combined, use this field name. Home Phone: Home Phone Number Work Phone: Work Phone Number Office Phone: Office Phone Number Mobile Phone: Mobile Phone Number Cell Phone: Mobile Phone Number Address: Property Address City: Property City State: Property State Province: Property Province Postal Code: Property Postal Code (can also use Zip Code) Zip Code: Property Postal Code EMail: EMail address Country: Country MLS ID: MLS ID Source: Source SourceDescription: Source Info Category: If blank the categories will be set to 'CallNow' automatically. Otherwise, will be set to the category you specify plus 'CallNow'. Looking_To_Buy If this word (1 word, no spaces) is in the body or subject, then the category "Buyer" is added to the prospect record Looking_To_Sell If this word (1 word, no spaces) is in the body or subject, then the category "Seller" is added to prospect record Looking_To_Rent If this word (1 word, no spaces) is in the body or subject, then the category "Renter" is added to prospect record
    For example, if the body of the eMail contained the following information:


    Name: Andrew Anderson
    Address: 858 Main Street
    City: Wildson
    State: Colorado
    Zip Code: 87679
    Home Phone: 967-765-7678
    These are some notes.
    Here are the field names that are produced by Jotform (as received by RealtyJuggler).
    The information entered was:

    Name: textbox_sample9 textbox_sample10
    Home Phone: (111) 111-1111
    Looking to Buy? YES

    Address: 298734 ajldfja
    City: Conroe
    State: TX
    Country: United

    Notes: SUBJECT: Re: Buyers Needs Analysis (Looking_To_Buy) -
    Buyers Needs
    Analysis (Looking_To_Buy)
    Address: 298734 ajldfja
    City: Conroe
    State: TX
    Phone (312) 8327797
    Is there another adult
    purchasing or leasing with you? Yes
    Other Party's
    Name: textbox_sample9 textbox_sample10
    Does the other party
    have the same current address as you? Yes
    Other Buyer's
    Address: Other Street Address: textbox_sample11
    Address Line 2: textbox_sample12
    Other City:

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    Answered on May 31, 2017 at 01:13 AM

    Actually RealtyJuggler integration is not yet an available integration on our forms. So there is no means for you to do the field mapping process to transfer your form data directly to RealtyJuggler from the form.

    I reviewed your form and I can see it doesn't have RealtyJuggler integration active.


    You may want to check for alternative CRM integration that is currently available here

    For now, I will also submit this thread as request ticket for the feature to include RealtyJuggler as another CRM integration option to JotForm. 

    I hope this help. Let us know if you need further assistance.