My Whitelist is being denied by

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    Asked on June 06, 2017 at 12:33 PM

    My customer can no longer receive emails from the contact form. AOL have said add the IP addresses to their whitelist but when I try I get the following response.....

    I had to write them all long hand because it wouldn't accept the character "/". 

    Can you help me?


    Your Whitelist request, with the confirmation code 1496764903-304457, has been denied.


    Your web request has been denied because you are requesting a large number of IP addresses which do not appear to be mail servers.  Please resubmit a request containing your mail server IP addresses only.


    For more information on sending email to AOL, sender best practices, IP reputation and more, please visit our website at


    Thank You,

    AOL Postmaster Team


    Requested IP(s):


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    Answered on June 06, 2017 at 01:28 PM

    AOL is notoriously strict when it comes to filtering.  The IP ranges you listed to look to be correct.  If they will not except a / character when submitting the list, you may want to email them the list directly or reference or help article:

    You can also try sending the emails from your own address via SMTP if you continue to have issues with blocked emails:

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    Answered on June 07, 2017 at 05:25 AM

    Hi, I am not a techie but looking at the website, you could be dealing with an identical problem that cut in for me (after years) at the weekend. Having gone through everything we could think of, with a very non-IT client, I came to the conclusion AOL were denying 'unregistered' email domain names. So set the form e-mail address off the root domain of the website which was forwarded to the 'unregistered' heritage aol e-mail used by the client... It may only be temporary respite and the real answer is to correspond off a bone-fide domain name.