How can we use the email address for the users "Sending" address

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    Alberto Rodrigues 
    Asked on June 09, 2017 at 03:46 AM

    Hi there,

    I wanted to know how we could use the forms "email address" part to be the senders address?

    We have a ticketing system that recognises the users email address, but your ones are from a static email. Our system does not recognise it and we have to manually change it all the time (Not the best way to save time)

    Can you please let me know if this is possible?




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    Answered on June 09, 2017 at 04:29 AM

    If I understood your concern, you want the email alerts "Sender Address" to be based on the email field in your form? Unfortunately, that is not possible as it imposes some security flaws, one flaw of it is that it tries to spoof the actual sender. There's a chance that the email recipient will refuse or reject the incoming email. 


    1. The user entered his/her email address in your form, now it is not possible to use that address as the sender of our email alert, for the reason that it is spoofing and it is not entirely authorized by


    I suggest that you check our guide regarding out email alerts here: If your ticketing system can identify or read the "Reply-to Email", then that's one way to resolve the issue you have.


    If you still want to use an email field in your form as the sender of the email alerts, you can try following this guide: However, you'll need to use MailChimp/Mandrill for this. 

    I hope that helps.