Clearing a form - Risks premature submit

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    Asked on June 13, 2017 at 11:36 PM


    Sometimes we fill in and submit forms on a client's behalf on our computer. Other times the client submits a form on their computer. 

    Note our forms are very long so it is vital that we store information in case someone accidentally closes their browser etc.

    When we submit a form on our computer we need to clear the content.  We've implemented the submit clear buttons at the top of the form to provide this functionality. 

    The problem is the section that contains the clear button also contains the submit button.

    We see instances where a client enters their data eg email and presses the return key which submits the form prematurely. 

    Is there a better way to implement this behaviour?

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    Answered on June 14, 2017 at 02:49 AM

    I'm checking your form but I don't see a clear button on top of it. Here's how it looks like when I viewed it:


    I see you are using the "Continue Forms Later" which is also the "Auto Fill" feature. May I know if you have already checked this one: In that guide, it uses a session URL where you or your users can continue filling out the form in any device or browser, once the form is submitted, the session ends. This allows you and your user to have the data saved on a session. Comparing to the "Auto Fill" feature that only saves data in the browser, this one is much more efficient. If you're going to use the session URL from now on, please do disable the "Auto Fill" feature to avoid conflicts.

    If you want to continue using the auto fill feature and just want to have a clear button, then please let us know and we'll help you on a custom CSS code that will hide the submit button and just leave the "Clear" button on that section, but we need to know where it is in your form and you need to add it back if you have deleted it. 

    We'll wait for your response.