Data input to the form is slow

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    Asked on June 20, 2017 at 10:18 AM



    I have created several forms but when I go to input text into the input boxes the lag time is painfully slow. i.e. there is a huge amount of lag.


    What can i do to amend this?


    Many thanks in advance for your help 

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    Answered on June 20, 2017 at 12:04 PM

    I have checked your JotForm and cloned it to my account. I see that entering data to the input is slow on your form and the cloned form as well. As I check the form further, I notice that there are several input table (Matrix) fields on the form. Though the input table field is considered as a single field, since it is having more input fields the form is taking time to load on the browser. Also, as you notice the issue occurs when you try to enter the text as soon as the form is opened in the browser which means the form elements are still being loaded in the browser. When you try to enter the text after a moment, the text seems to be entered without any lag. The issue seems to be happening due to the number of fields on the form. You may try separating the form to different forms so that it should be working fine.


    Hope this information helps!