How can I widen the email page so that the questions appear horizontally instead of vertical?

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    Asked on June 26, 2017 at 06:20 PM



    Prepared by:

    1 1

    Screening Form #:


    Date of Birth


    Age of Minor:


    What is the status of the Minor/Youth?:

    Former Foster or Probation Minor/Youth

    What is the Caller's relationship to the Minor/Youth?:

    Relative Caregiver

    Have you been denied monetary benefits for a foster child in your care?:


    Has DCFS refused or failed to approve your home?:


    Are you caring for a foster child with special needs?:


    Are you receiving less than $600 a month for a child with special needs?:


    Are you having problems accessing healthcare, mental health or dental care?:


    Are you caring for a child that is not your own that was not placed with you through foster care?:


    Do you want to seek legal custody of that child?:


    Have you applied for monetary benefits for a child in your care?:


    Have you been denied or dissuaded from submitting an application for Cal-Works by a DPSS worker?:


    Have you been denied Cal-Works?:


    Does the child have an IEP or receive special education services?:


    Do you have concerns whether the IEP is helping the child or whether the child is receiving all the services in the IEP?:


    Do you have concerns about the child's development (language, motor, learning, behavior)?:


    Would you like the child tested to see if they qualify for Special Ed services at school?:


    Is the child having academic and/or behavioral problems at school?:


    Is the child currently not attending school?:


    Has the student changed schools in the last two weeks due to a change in home placement?:


    Are you driving the student to the same school they attended prior to moving into your home?:


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    Answered on June 26, 2017 at 08:40 PM

    If what you want is to make it appear like an Excel spreadsheet where the questions are lined up horizontally, unfortunately, there is no quick way to do this. You will have to manually create your HTML table content and place your questions and answers in it. Here is how you will need to do it on via the email editor:

    Open the email alert that you will need to edit (Example: Notification 1).

    Once it is open, just browse through the email content then do the following:

    1) Place your mouse cursor in one of the rightmost cell of the table.
    2) You will notice that some table options will appear at the bottom.
    3) Choose the option that has a table and + at the right.
    4) Once the column appears, manually type the question on top, and paste the answerplaceholder at its bottom. 

    Repeat the steps over and over for every question that you have

    Note: The conventional email content width normally is around 600px. Expanding this may lead to a wrapped email content which may not look nice when reading from some email readers.

    In any case, if you have a question, please let us know.