How can I handle the Paypal payment errors in the form?

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    Asked on June 30, 2017 at 03:08 PM

    I am new to using the PayPal widget but seem to have the "normal" operation working. However: I have a question about handling the situation where the form completer messes up when they get to the PayPal screens and aborts the Paypal payment:

    The Jotfrom itself then seems  to "hang" with "Please Wait" in the submit button.  Shouldn't Jotform recognize that the transaction failed and do something to inform the submitter and allow an abort or resubmit?

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    Answered on June 30, 2017 at 04:24 PM

    If the user is taken to the PayPal page, and he decides not to complete the payment, you will find that submission in the incomplete payment dashboard: 

    There, you will have the option to see the details, and delete or complete the submission: 

    If you complete the submission, please note that completing a submission  will NOT process any payment as there was no payment information to begin with. The system will simply treat this as a regular submission so it can be included on form reports, and that email alerts can be fired off as usual.

    On regards of getting stuck on "Please wait...", what is the form that is giving you this problem? There might be a glitch on the form, because it should never get stuck in that message.

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    Answered on June 30, 2017 at 04:30 PM

    Yes, I understand the incomplete payment dashboard.  The form I get hung on "please wait" is:


    Please see what might be causing the hang. 


    I will be submitting another question about handling incomplete'\s in another post.

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    Answered on June 30, 2017 at 05:36 PM

    Apologies for any inconvenience this is causing you. May we know if the form is embedded on a website? And if it is, can you please share with us the link to that website? We would also like to ask permission to make submissions directly on your form to test the issue you described.

    We will wait for your response.

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    Answered on June 30, 2017 at 06:45 PM

    I get the hang when invoking the form directly from my Jotform account under My Forms.   I select View Form and complete and submit the from from there.   

    Yes, you can do a submit.  Obviously, it is set up to run against a PayPal sandbox account.  For this test, since you are creating a "failure", you will not need to supply any PP info.

    I force the failure with PayPal by selecting PayPals "pay as a guest" option. Then when I get the "Pay with our debit or credit card" screen, I click cancel.   BUT THERE'S NEW NEWS:

    I was just recreating the problem so as to accurately report what I was experiencing and noticed that on MS EDGE , the HANG does NOT occur!  I went back to using Chrome  (which I am typing this post on), and the HANG Occurs.   With EDGE the control return to the form with the fields left as filled in before I clicked we want it.  The uncompleted form properly shows in the uncompleted forms dashboard  ( it does in both the Edge and Chrome case) 

    You may find some screwy things in the form as it is the base prototype that I use for testing. 

    I had some trouble with Chrome not working for the normal PP widget submital (not a failure case) a couple of months ago when I started this project.  It seemed intermittent.   I am concerned though because I cannot dictate what browser my customers use. 



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    Answered on June 30, 2017 at 08:38 PM

    This is related to the Paypal Express Integration. When Paypal Express is used, you have to allow popups for the form or for the Jotform domain itself. This is how the Paypal Express window will look like: 


    The "Please wait..." message in the submit button is related to the popup. The popup should suppose to show up on your end, but I think your browser has blocked the popup. Therefore, you need to allow it as shown below: 

    Here are guides you can check related to the popup: 


    I hope that helps.