I have some questions regarding the form, email autoresponders, and integrations

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    Asked on July 19, 2017 at 11:27 AM

    Hi - here are my questions:

    1) As names are captured through your forms, is there a user interface to be able to view all the names and which forms they filled out?

    2) Can you create a series of autoresponders for names that are captured, where I create a specific message to be sent on a recurring time scale that will send an attachment?

    3) If so, for 2) are there reports that show which messages were opened, by whom?

    4) Do you integrate with Redtail?

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    Answered on July 19, 2017 at 02:02 PM

    To answer your inquiries:

    1) Yes, for every form, there is a submissions page available which you can view the captured information through your forms. On your My Forms page, you can simply select the form and on the top of the list of forms, you should be able to see the submit button. Click it and it shall lead you to the submissions page of the form 

    Here is a guide to know more about accessing the submissions page: https://www.jotform.com/help/269-How-to-View-Form-Submissions


    2) Yes, you can send a series of autoresponders. So what you can do is create more than one autoresponder. Then for each autoresponder, you can set a scheduled period to send the email alert. To do this:

    a. Open Emails Wizard on builder.

    b. Select autoresponder email that you want to delay its delivery time.

    c. Click on Advanced tab.

    d. Select schedule date on the dropdown menu in the Set Email Time section.



    3) Unfortunately, we do not have a tool for tracking opened emails. So we do not have reports for these. But it is possible to insert codes in your email alert to insert a tracker. Provided that you have created a system or you are using a different service for this, you can open your email alert settings, open its source code, and insert the HTML code there. 

    To edit the HTML source, just open your email alert settings and click the < > button on the toolbar of the content editor (WYSIWYG editor). Here is a sample screenshot of the email alert settings:



    4) Unfortunately, we do not have an integration with RedTail as of yet. But you can make use of the services of Zapier. They can bridge submissions from Jotform to RedTail. Please check out Zapier's website to know more: https://zapier.com/ 

    If you have questions, please let us know.