How can I add multiple forms to a Facebook Page?

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    Asked on July 31, 2017 at 11:15 AM

    I've created multiple signup forms to enable users to signup for different events in the same market.

    As the admin, I can see all of the Jotforms and I can choose one.

    As a user, I only see the latest form that was chosen by admin.

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    Answered on July 31, 2017 at 02:06 PM

    Our FB application does not support multiple forms so for now, please use Static HTML Iframe Tab if you want to add multiple forms to your FB page. Here's how:

    1. Add Static HTML Iframe Tab to your FB page Just follow the steps and select which page you want it to install.

    2. Open the installed Static HTML Iframe App on your page to edit and configure its settings. Example:

    3. Click on Edit Tab button so you can embed your first form or if you want to add more tabs.

    3. You will be redirected to the edit page, you can then embed your first form. Make sure to use your secure form embed code.


    4. Go to the Settings tab if you want to add more forms on a separate tab. After that, select Second tab on the next page.

    Do the same steps again to embed your second form. If you're getting blank page after clicking the second tab, please open your facebok account on a new browser tab and switch to your facebook profile from your active FB page.

    Or here's another way. Close the app window and do the following to add another tab.