Multiple logins on one form

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    Asked on August 01, 2017 at 09:00 PM



    I was hoping to have multiple different admins be able to login to the form of a single user.

    My aim was for the admins to be able to assess the responses of the user. Ideally, admins would be able to see the responses of the user, but not be able to amend them. Is this possible?

    Can you create multiple logins for a single form?

    Can we create admin logins on the backend?



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    Answered on August 02, 2017 at 02:56 AM

    Not really sure what you meant by multiple logins. But to be on the same page, here are some terminologies we can use.

    JotForm form => Online form that your users can fill out.

    Submissions => These are the entries submitted by your users.


    Now if what you want to do is allow other people to view the "submissions", then you have the following options:

    You can send your admins a copy of the submissions by using the email alerts, here's a guide about it: However, you need to remove or delete the "Edit Link" or "Edit Submission" tags so that they don't have the ability to edit it. 

    If you want to dynamically change the recipient of the submission data based on an input field, then you can use Conditional Logic for it. Here's a specific guide that you can refer to:

    If you want to show ALL the submissions of a form to a group of people, then you can do that by sharing your submissions page AND setting up a password that you and your admins only know. Here's a guide for it: 

    If you want your admins to view the form and submissions by logging in to their own account, then that is possible by adding them as sub account users. Here's a guide about it: You can manage what forms you want to share to your sub account users and limit what they can access. 


    I hope that helps.