My website loads very slow, what can I do?

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    Asked on August 02, 2017 at 07:18 AM


    I run GTmetrix ( for our site -

    I found some issues with jotforms:

    • Add Expires headers

    • Reduce DNS lookups

    • Use cookie-free domains

    Are there any ways to resolve this? our site is running very slow.

    See screenshot for the GTmetrix errors.

    Let me know asap. Thanks.



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    Answered on August 02, 2017 at 11:03 AM


    I checked your website and you are right, it takes around 1 second to load the JotForm. However, there are improvements that you can do to make your website load faster.

    First of all, you can disable the chat option, since it takes around 3 seconds to load on your website. Loading it on another page than the landing page could be an option.

    Also, you can improve your JotForm. There are two options that you can do; one is not to use themes and use your own CSS code to style your JotForm, second is not to use reCaptcha widget.

    I hope this answer helps. Please don't hesitate to contact us for your further queries.


    All the best!

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    Answered on August 03, 2017 at 01:50 AM


    1. What do you mean about the chat option? Are you referring to the tawk chat on the bottom?

    2. I'm not using any themes in jotform, it's simple css inside jotform

    3. we need the reCaptcha widget for security, are there any other way?

    Let me know. Thanks.

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    Answered on August 03, 2017 at 03:54 AM


    I'm not really sure how fast or slow your website is loading as I understand there are a lot of factors to contribute on the loading time of a page, ex. browser, computer processing power, internet speed, plugins, etc...

    Currently, here's a screencast when I visited your website:


    Here's the browser dev console in my end:


    Personally, I'm not sure if I can consider that it loaded very slowly as it seems normal to me. 

    Is this still an issue on your end or you have already made a lot of changes that improved the speed of your website?

    See if re-embedding the form using the iFrame embed code will improve the loading time. Here's a guide about it:

    We'll wait for your response.