Registration form is not notifying me of all confirmed registrations.

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    Pauline Peyer
    Asked on August 03, 2017 at 03:15 PM

    We are receiving notification of some registrations, but yesterday we were alerted to a confirmed registration which JotForm did not notify me about. The registrant copied his confirmation page and emailed it to me to prove his registration. I am concerned, because if this happened once, it may have happened more than once. And we don't know how many may not have returned a notification to me. We learned about this one incidence because we knew this person previously and had personal contact with him by email earlier this week. If we don't receive registrations from new people,d we won't have their contact information and won't be able to communicate with them. Therefore we won't know if they registered or not, because we have no awareness of their having registered. Long explanation, but I think you probably get what I'm saying. What I'm wondering is: Do you have a record of all registrations that we SHOULD be receiving? If your list of registrations is longer than our list, then we would want to know who is missing from our list and get them registered.

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    Answered on August 03, 2017 at 04:35 PM

    As per checking our email logs, the email notification was properly sent to your email address

    Please check your email's spam folder and see if the email went there. You can also check your form's email history on your end. Follow the instruction on this guide to check on your form's email history: How to View All Your Form Email History.

    Also, the submission data of your form is available on the form's submission page. You can view it anytime so you can check the contact information that was submitted on your form. To view form submission, just follow the instructions on this guide: How to View Form Submissions.