Form folder: Clicking the x on folder label doesn't represent the removal properly

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    Asked on August 09, 2017 at 12:05 PM

    One other thing of note, if you have a number of forms on the list it gets awkward to add a form at the bottom of the list to a folder. Dragging and dropping gets tricky and annoying.

    I think you should have an option in the More drop down list for a form, to add or remove from a folder.

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    Answered on August 09, 2017 at 01:23 PM

    I am not sure if I understand your query correctly. Do you mean to have the option to move a form to a folder in the More drop down? 

    In order to move a form to any folder, you may select the form and then choose the folder from the drop down as already mentioned in the earlier post by our colleague. 

    If you are referring to something different, please provide us with more information so that we may be able to forward as a feature request to our backend team.


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    Answered on August 09, 2017 at 02:18 PM

    Hello Kiran,

    Yes you have understood me correctly. I hadn't noticed the Folder option. 

    Although if you move mouse pointer over a forms folder name it expands with an X appearing. I assumed that indicated remove from this folder. It is difficult to copy an image of the X appearing so this is the best I can do.

    If you click on the X nothing happens. So I think it's broken???

    Thank you,



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    Answered on August 09, 2017 at 03:00 PM

    Yes, Robert, you're right the x looks like it does nothing, but, after you click it you can see that the form is actually removed in from the folder. So it is just that the label is not removed after removal.

    I will forward this to our backend team for further checking.

    Thank you for reporting this issue.


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    Answered on August 09, 2017 at 04:20 PM

    Hi, OK I hadn't noticed it was gone., Glad it's not just me then and you're welcome. regards, Robert