How to allow users to select items in product options of payment tool?

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    Asked on August 09, 2017 at 02:10 PM


    I have a question on how to allow a customer to select multiple items in the same selection.


    For example: On the beer bottles (6 pack).....Is there away to allow a customer to pick different 6 packs like a 6 pack of bud light and a 6 pack of coors light. Right now the form is set up to only allow one selection of kind in each category.


    Any help is appreciated.






    Select a Category & Beverage(s) *

    Beer Bottles (24 Packs) $ 26.00

    Beer (Bottles) Bud LightBud Light LimeBudweiserCoorsCoors LightCoronaMiller High LifeMiller LightRolling Rock Quantity

    Beer Bottles (6 Packs) $ 8.95

    Beer (Bottles) Batch 19Blue MoonBud IceLandsharkBud LightBud Light LimeBud Light PlatinumModeloBudweiserBuschBusch LightCoorsCoors LightCoronaDos Equis LagerDos Equis AmberFat TireGuinnessHeinekenIcehouseLeinenkugelsClamatoMGDMichelob UltraMike's Hard LemonadeMiller FortuneMiller High LifeMiller LiteNatural IceNatural LightNew Belgium Sunshine WheatNewcastlePabst Blue RibbonRedd's Apple AleRedd's StrawberrySamuel Adams LagerShiner BockShock Top BelgianStella Artois Quantity                    


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    Answered on August 09, 2017 at 02:52 PM


    Yes it is possible to achieve your requirement. You just need to edit your payment tool and select one of the product property and configure to create sub-products by enabling "Create Sub Products from Options".

    Please check the screenshot below:


    Once you enable "Create Sub Products from Options", it will display all the options separately instead of displaying in a dropdown. Please check the screenshot below:

    You may also like to take a look at the following guide which should help you:

    Hope this helps.

    Do get back to us if you have any questions.

    Thank you!