Please state if my subscription is downgraded from Bronze to Free

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    Asked on August 21, 2017 at 12:29 PM

    I missed to hit the corrects button - in oder to confirm the downgrade, I should have been hitting the red CANCEL button

    this is very unusual, as I unsially never SEND a message by hitting CANCEL 

    please stat if My subsciption is downgraded from BRONZE to FREE 


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    Answered on August 21, 2017 at 01:45 PM

    I have checked your account and I confirm that you have upgraded to the Bronze plan today and then canceled this upgrade moments after.

    Please note that your upgrade is scheduled to downgrade in September 22nd, 2017. If you upgraded by mistake and would like to cancel this one immediately, then please get back to us with a confirmation and we would then address your request ASAP and refund your payment.

    Thank you in advance. We are awaiting your reply.

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    Answered on August 21, 2017 at 02:43 PM

    Great Thank you,
    a downgrade at the 22th of September is just what I wanted
    Am 21.08.2017 19:45 schrieb JotForm:
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    Answered on August 21, 2017 at 02:46 PM

    You're quite welcome!

    I am glad you have everything sorted out, and we are here if you need anything so please don't hesitate to contact us.