Conditionally show/hide an image and autocomplete widget example

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    Asked on August 24, 2017 at 12:47 PM


    I want to ask a few questions: 1) Can you display an image next to a question based on the preceding question response? i.e. if a customer has selected a brand in the previous question, then when asking for a model number we can display an appropriate image helping them find this. 


    2) Can we place fields which are a text box, but as the user starts typing it starts doing a lookup for the options available and displays best match under text field e.g. like google search. If no option is found it just accepts the text the user has entered. 




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    Answered on August 24, 2017 at 01:26 PM

    #1. Yes its possible using show/hide conditions:

    How to Show or Hide Fields Base on User's Answer 


    #2. Yes its also possible using the autocomplete widget. Just search for it on the widgets tab. And drag it on to your form:



    I have created a demo for you to see both of these questions working in JotForm: