How can I move forms from another account to mine?

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    Asked on August 29, 2017 at 01:47 PM

    I have received the following messages from you all below: 


    PLEASE PLEASE transfer all of JamieHoh forms and info to the Swithers upgraded account. 


    I just started in this new position in July and we NEED to have access to the JamieHoh account. The person is no longer with our organization and we ONLY have access to the Swithers account.


    CAN WE PLEASE move the forms from Jamie account to the swithers account. I took the position of JamieHoh.


    The person under that account was Jamie O’Brien same phone number as mine below her email was originally



    Kathleen E. Kennedy, ‘11

    Director of Communications

    Girls Tennis Coach 

    Providence Catholic High School 
    Office: (815) 717-3163 

    Cell: (708) 822 -0487








    Answered by Kiran 

    Unfortunately, we are not offering telephone support at the moment. Please be noted that this support forum is our primary support. Your questions on this support forum shall be answered in a timely manner. 

    I see that your account swithers is upgraded to Bronze monthly subscription plan today and I notice that the other account JamieHoh is currently holding Free subscription which is over limit. Was it related to this upgrade?

    Please let us know if you are referring to something different. We will be happy to assist. 


    It seems that you upgraded the wrong account. You do not have any form created on your account swithers. The forms are created on the account JamieHoh and the forms are shared with your account.

    We can move the forms from the account JamieHoh to your upgraded account swithers. However, that request must be made form the account JamieHoh.

    Or we can downgrade your account back to Free and refund a payment and then you can upgrade the correct account. 

    Let us know how should we proceed. 

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    Answered on August 29, 2017 at 02:19 PM

    We will be glad to help you moving on the forms from JamieHoh to swithers; however, for security reasons we need to have some proof of the account JamieHoh ownership. 

    You may either provide us with some of the form's names under the account JamieHoh, you could contact us from the address used on that account or provide us with a link where one of the forms in the account was embedded on. 

    Please provide us with such info, we will be glad to assist you.