Google Docs Integration

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    Asked on August 29, 2012 at 02:31 PM

    Hello there,


    First off, I love JotForm! You guys are already making my life much easier! I do have a question though. Currently I have my form set to integrate with google docs so that I can have a spreadsheet of my results. however, I noticed that every new submission is creating an entirely new spreadsheet instead of adding the new information in the next row. Am I doning something incorrectly? I'd like to be able to have one spreadsheet to refrence.

    Also, assuming that a spreadsheet can be added to in this manner, can I freely edit the sheet beyond the range of newly inputed data? For example, if columns A-F have information from a form coming in, can I freely edit the columns beyond F without messing things up?


    Thank you for your assisstance!


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    Answered on August 29, 2012 at 04:13 PM

    Perhaps this is better answered by the google docs team. I'll ask them as well.


    As a side note to anyone with the same issues, I've found that new copys are only being made if i am currently viewing the spreadsheet as a new submission is coming in.

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    Answered on August 29, 2012 at 05:24 PM


    Here is a quote from one of the members of our team:

    "I'm sorry to inform you that GDocs Spreadsheets created by Jotform integration, especially the headers (first row) of them shouldn't be modified by hand. Due to the workings of the google docs list api we are using, it can break the integration. I can advise to use another worksheet which you can keep a clone and track of submissions which you can edit by hand, but leave the integration sheet as it is."  

    So, if you have made any changes to your spreadsheet, chances are it can been corrupted.  I have tested an integration on my end and was not able to reproduce the error.  Can you try to re-integrate from scratch and see if the issue persists?

    Please let us know if that helped!